The Choice is yours, literally.

What should I have for breakfast? I could grab a muffin at Time Horton’s or maybe I’ll just have a bowl cereal. I wonder if I should I eat my lunch now or should I wait until after my 1:00 meeting? What are we going to have for dinner? How are aware are we of the food-related decisions we make every single day and how does our environment influence those decisions?

A recent study conducted at Cornell University showed that the average person estimates they make 15 food-related decisions everyday when in fact, the actual number of food-related decisions is over 200. Based on the results it’s fair to we often engage in Mindless Eating!

The study, conducted by Brian Wansink is a reminder not to eat on autopilot and to treat every one of these choices as a new chance to eat better. “It’s really easier than we think to let small things around us — plate size, package size, people around us, distractions — influence these 200-plus decisions because we are not aware of them in the first place,” said Wansink.

Tips to prevent overeating

Here are a few steps to turn things around after a holiday season filled with mindless eating.

Use smaller bowls
People who served themselves foods into smaller serving bowls ate almost 60 percent less than when they are served helpings in larger bowls. I used to think this was the dumbest tip, but I kept seeing it in weight loss advice…. so I tried it! It really works. So does this next one.

See it before you eat it
Avoid eating directly from the package. People served a snack mix in a bowl ate 134 fewer calories than those eating straight from the bag.

Bank your calories
Skip the appetizers if you know you want to save room — and enjoy — the upcoming dessert. You’ll also be more accurate at estimating the number of calories you consumed.

Embrace your comfort food
Don’t eat around the food you really want. Just eat it in a small portion.

I don’t know about fewer decisions, but here’s a better one. Give The Magic Fridge a try and see just how tasty and easy healthy eating can be. To book a consultation contact

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