What Three Foods Should You Not to Eat on a Date?

Here at The Magic Fridge, we’ve spent a lot of time telling you what foods you should be eating; smart choices, healthy alternatives and creative combinations. Now it’s time to focus on a few foods you might want to stay away from, especially when trying to make a first impression!

Leafy Greens
Avoid embarrassment when flashing your pearly whites and stay away from the often sticky, leafy greens such as spinach, seaweed and mint. Sure spinach loaded with calcium, vitamin K and iron and nothing freshens your breath better than mint but, let’s face it, who wants to give you a good night kiss with a bunch of mint stuck on your teeth?

Shrimp, crab and lobster are as tasty as they are difficult to eat. It’s not very classy to be shucking sharp bits of shell all over your date. Cracking, ripping and tearing open your crab like Daryl Hannah in Splash may not be the visual you were hoping for at the end of your first (and possibly only) date.

Cut the cheese – out of your first date diet. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.
Cheese is fatty and heavy, and the dairy won’t help in the fresh breath department either. If it’s too late try a piece of fresh fruit to push that unpleasant smell away!

Most of these rules fly totally out the window once you’re in a committed relationship. Hey, who can go without lobster forever right? This post was admittedly written tongue in cheek, but if first impressions are important to you, keep these tips in mind…. or better yet invite your date over for dinner. A healthy home-cooked meal from the Magic Fridge will make a great first impression. Shhh… it’ll be our little secret!

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