Let’s Tidy Up! It’s Tidy-Up Tuesday…

This is my first time participating in Tidy-Up Tuesday, a weekly event on my friend Sara’s blog. My favourite room in the house is the kitchen, followed closely by the pantry, which may or may not be considered a room (I now *kind of* have one, a closet near the kitchen, but not it in. It is my dream to someday have a proper one, right in the kitchen), so that’s what I’ll be talking about tidying.

An organizing store recently opened in my neighbourhood, and I was excited. Then I got their flyer. Holy expensive! I realized I was not even on the same planet as that store. My pantry is organized using several cheap and free items. My dry beans live in a sturdy cardboard box that came home with us from Costco one time and that I cut down to size, and any bagged or cellophane-packed pasta stays tidy in a dollar-store plastic dishpan. I have one of those skinny deep pantry cupboards, so keeping things in these containers means I only have to drag out one box instead of seventeen bags when I want to get at the items at the back.

I did buy some “spice bleachers” and a little basket at the organizing store, but managed to keep my total under $50(!)  A girl needs to treat herself now and then…


  1. I love getting my cupboards organized too… I’ve found that Loblaws and Home Hardware are both pretty good for organizing supplies. Especially on a sale day!

  2. There is nothing I miss about our old house *except* the deep pantry (x2) we had installed before we moved. Our attempt to ‘buy time’ didn’t work…we really just needed more square footage :) My favourite pantry storage are the cereal box size tupperware containers – I use them to store cereal, crackers, kids snacks (any dry goods) and can fit much more into the cupboards without stacking all the boxes. Glad you joined Tidy-Up Tuesday this week!

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