Tidy Up Tuesday – Fresh Start

It’s Tidy-Up Tuesday…. Sometimes you just need to start fresh, and that’s also true of your cupboards that you sift through every day, searching for those items you need to make dinner.  Whether you have an avalanche hazard, a large wall of stuff you don’t ever eat (blocking the things you *do* eat), or if you don’t recognize the crackers you found in there, this is the tidy-up challenge for you!

Spend an hour pulling all the food out of your pantry and cupboards, and seriously look at it.  Be ruthless and honest about what you’re really going to eat.  Throw away any expired food and make a box for the food bank of unopened food you’ve decided you’ll never eat.  Put the rest of your food back in the pantry neatly.  Aaahhh….. doesn’t that feel better?

Now you can find what you want, and there’s nothing in there that you don’t use….. Cooking will be easier with a tidy pantry, I promise!


  1. I’m heeding this call to action. Thanks for the reminder.

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