Tidy Up Tuesday – The Organized Fridge

No doubt you’ve heard the saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place”….. this is how I organize my fridge.

Condiments are on the door or on the very cramped top shelf. Eggs live second shelf, left side, and all my yogurt is on the right edge. Cooked foods and leftovers are on the lower left, while thawing or marinating meat is right in the middle, between the eggs and the yogurt. My husband can find his lunch in the same place every day, so he doesn’t get it mixed up with any other containers.

If you’re constantly searching for things, being asked, “Where’s the *whatever*?!” or finding science-experiment-worthy leftovers in the depths of your fridge, try assigned seating for your food :)


  1. Hee – assigned seating for your food. Love it.

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