Crockpot freezer kits, part two….

A few weeks ago, I posted about crockpot kits for the freezer, and a few folks on Twitter really took it on board! Now they’re asking for more recipes, so I thought I would share a few more kits…

Beef stew…. In the dry bag: carrots, mushrooms, onions, celery. In the wet bag: stew beef, beef broth, garlic, herbs, Worcestershire sauce. Add some potatoes when starting the crock, and stir in some frozen peas right before serving. For a creamy stew, add a can of cream of mushroom soup

Asian chicken thighs…. In the dry bag: carrots, chopped cabbage, onion. In the wet bag: boneless skinless chicken thighs, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, hot sauce (optional). If you have some, stir in some bean sprouts and bell peppers right before serving, and serve with rice or noodles. This one is also nice with a couple of pork tenderloins

Chicken cacciatore…. In the dry bag: onion, mushrooms, peppers, zucchini. In the wet bag: boneless skinless chicken thighs, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes (optional), garlic, basil, a pinch of rosemary, salt and pepper. Add a sprinkle of crushes chiles if you like it spicy! Serve with pasta and top with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.


  1. These are really handy! If you already have frozen stew meat in the freezer, is it okay to open the package and mix with ingredients and then put it all back in the freezer? Is this safe?

  2. Awesome. I’ve been looking for recipes like this (and trying to adapt some). Recently tried this one, it was pretty tasty:

    I used tenderloin, and squished the ends before freezing to make sure it would fit in the crock while still solid.

  3. Julie Broczkowski says:

    @Jm – as long as the meat stays frozen, it’s fine…

    @Sasha – genius, to think ahead about the shape and size of the frozen tenderloin!!

  4. Excellent ideas!

    I will be making the Asian inspired recipe this week!
    (undecided on chicken v. pork, at the moment)


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