Tidy Up Tuesday – The Organized Fridge

No doubt you’ve heard the saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place”….. this is how I organize my fridge.

Condiments are on the door or on the very cramped top shelf. Eggs live second shelf, left side, and all my yogurt is on the right edge. Cooked foods and leftovers are on the lower left, while thawing or marinating meat is right in the middle, between the eggs and the yogurt. My husband can find his lunch in the same place every day, so he doesn’t get it mixed up with any other containers.

If you’re constantly searching for things, being asked, “Where’s the *whatever*?!” or finding science-experiment-worthy leftovers in the depths of your fridge, try assigned seating for your food :)

Tidy Up Tuesday – Fresh Start

It’s Tidy-Up Tuesday…. Sometimes you just need to start fresh, and that’s also true of your cupboards that you sift through every day, searching for those items you need to make dinner.  Whether you have an avalanche hazard, a large wall of stuff you don’t ever eat (blocking the things you *do* eat), or if you don’t recognize the crackers you found in there, this is the tidy-up challenge for you!

Spend an hour pulling all the food out of your pantry and cupboards, and seriously look at it.  Be ruthless and honest about what you’re really going to eat.  Throw away any expired food and make a box for the food bank of unopened food you’ve decided you’ll never eat.  Put the rest of your food back in the pantry neatly.  Aaahhh….. doesn’t that feel better?

Now you can find what you want, and there’s nothing in there that you don’t use….. Cooking will be easier with a tidy pantry, I promise!

Let’s Tidy Up! It’s Tidy-Up Tuesday…

This is my first time participating in Tidy-Up Tuesday, a weekly event on my friend Sara’s blog. My favourite room in the house is the kitchen, followed closely by the pantry, which may or may not be considered a room (I now *kind of* have one, a closet near the kitchen, but not it in. It is my dream to someday have a proper one, right in the kitchen), so that’s what I’ll be talking about tidying.

An organizing store recently opened in my neighbourhood, and I was excited. Then I got their flyer. Holy expensive! I realized I was not even on the same planet as that store. My pantry is organized using several cheap and free items. My dry beans live in a sturdy cardboard box that came home with us from Costco one time and that I cut down to size, and any bagged or cellophane-packed pasta stays tidy in a dollar-store plastic dishpan. I have one of those skinny deep pantry cupboards, so keeping things in these containers means I only have to drag out one box instead of seventeen bags when I want to get at the items at the back.

I did buy some “spice bleachers” and a little basket at the organizing store, but managed to keep my total under $50(!)  A girl needs to treat herself now and then…