Basic Package:

Choose from over 200 dishes that are our clients’ favourites – and make any substitutions you’d like! Or provide your own recipes, menu plans and/or cookbooks!

Minimum Three Month Package (billed monthly, not including groceries/HST):

Each service day: $300
Extra hours (beyond 5 hours per visit): $60

*If you need a less frequent service, ask about our special contracts to reserve your spot every 8 weeks.


Custom Menu Planning:

Need to eat less of something, more of something else, or follow a specific eating style, but don’t know where to begin? Let Julie do the research and get you started with four full menus that meet your needs.

Four* planned menus: One-time fee of $100
*Free ongoing mix-and-match menus based on recipes from these four menus
Menu refresher: $80 for four more planned menus