Working couple enjoys a global cuisine

The Magic Fridge can help you eat the kind of food you want — quickly, easily and in your own home – no matter what your lifestyle. Take for example this  working couple, with global cuisine, comfort meals and fresh food as priorities.  Their choice of a weekly service provides them with mostly fridge food and minimal frozen meals.

Service: Once a week, using chef meals mostly during the work week – each meal contains four servings, to allow for leftover weekday lunches or weekend meals.

Menu for January 27, 2009

  • Thai steak and salad
  • Mexican chicken stew
  • Beef barley soup
  • Salmon chowder

A 4-hour service ($160.00) plus $60.36 for groceries = $220.36. This breaks down to about $28 for a dinner for two, or $14 for an individual meal.