About The Magic Fridge

The Magic Fridge is a personal chef service located in Ottawa, Ontario. Our experienced chef will meet with you to prepare a menu of delicious dishes of your choosing, meeting all your dietary needs. Then, she'll take care of the shopping, cooking (in your own kitchen), and cleanup - leaving you with a Magic Fridge full of ready-to-go meals.
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About Julie Broczkowski

Julie Broczkowski has been cooking professionally for 14 years, and in her own kitchen for her friends and family for almost 30. Always learning new recipes and techniques anywhere she can, she is a fearless and innovative chef.
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Pricing Information

The price of using The Magic Fridge varies, depending on the type of groceries used, how often you use the service, and the complexity of the recipes you choose. Please contact us for a detailed and personalized quote.

Price guidelines for some basic packages, selecting from our standard menu items, can be found here.


My Magic Fridge affords me more time for my boys

Our Magic Fridge has undoubtedly improved the quality of my life. I have three boys under the age of 10, and many nights a month now are stress free with a nutritious healthy meal from freezer or fridge to table in minutes. My Magic Fridge affords me more time for my boys - and the service makes shuttling to and from activities more bearable and allows me more time to help with homework and to simply be with them. The dishes that are my personal favourites include chicken-pineapple curry stew, ready-made vegetarian entrees for my lunch and the chocolate fudge squares. My boys love the meatballs, chili, and double-chocolate chip cookies!

I can't imagine my life without my Magic Fridge!

I'm a single working woman and making my fridge a Magic Fridge was one of the best decisions I ever made. No more msg-filled TV dinners for lunch and bowls of cereal and popcorn for dinner. I love it that my food is made from fresh ingredients. I can't imagine my life without my Magic Fridge.

It's better than pizza!

My favourite dish that Julie makes is lemon herb salmon – it’s better than pizza!

Julia, Age 10
We always know we have a healthy and balanced meal waiting

When we come home from work on her service day, our kitchen smells of wonderful home-made baked goods. Julie surprises us with munchies and appetizers for the weekend's "apéro" which we look forward to each month. Our favourite dishes are roast beef and roast pork, the mashed potatoes, sour cream and berry pie, and our full-meal dinner salads, which are creative and different each and every time. We always know we have a healthy and balanced meal waiting for us, even on a rushed, middle-of-the-week work day. The Magic Fridge service allows us to eat bistro-quality meals at home and her dishes make any meal worthy of opening a bottle of wine.

Marie and Steven
We found the perfect solution

When our kids left home and we moved to the city, we found we were spending a lot of money eating out at restaurants. Then when my wife contacted The Magic Fridge, we found the perfect solution. We now have somebody in once a month to prepare between ten and twelve family-size meals, which for two people often works out to 15 to 20 meals! That we have saved money on restaurant bills is only on small aspect of the freedom we have found with our Magic Fridge.

A Happy Client
We consider ourselves spoiled and at such a reasonable price

We now no longer fuss, fret and fight over what we will eat, or who is the least tired to cook. Now we simply take out a meal in the morning, come home, cook a side dish and make a salad and voila, like magic supper is ready. Not only does she make our meals to suit our taste, in our case she makes low fat meals, so our diet has improved. In addition, our menu choice at home has broadened, as our Magic Fridge has provided us with meals from all four corners of the world. We especially love some of the Thai dishes that she prepares. We have even used her service to cater a party for a large group of our friends. We have enjoyed these services for over a year and will continue to employ the service of The Magic Fridge for the foreseeable future. It would be too good to give up; we consider our selves spoiled and at such a reasonable price.

Tim and Colleen

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